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Here some pics of my life size Alien Queen YOUR MAJESTY - or - A DREAM BECOMES TRUE For years I had the desire, one day to own a life-size Queen. Due to the rarity and the absurd prices, I assumed that this would actually remain forever a dream and wish. In so many threads here I have written again and again ... "one day I will have a lifesize queen" ..... this has always been my greatest wish and also personally the Holy Grail for me as an alien collector. .... and finally .... I HAVE A QUEEN! ... Yes, it is true!rnrnSome may still remember ... a few months ago, a Queen in a very poor condition was offered for auction on a Dutch marketplace. It is a very rare Distortions Unlimited Queen of which only a few pieces have ever been produced. The US Company Distortions Unlimited (DU) acquired the Alien license and the forms/molds of the Alien Queen in the 1990s. These were then sold directly through DU in the US and Morris Costumes in the UK. Well, the queen offered on the marketplace was auctioned off, as I mentioned, and I assumed that I would never be able to buy them and win an auction. So I did not care anymore. After a few months, as part of my research into the history of the lifesize Queens figures, I came across this auction again. Out of interest, I asked the seller if I could receive information on who bought it and where it was sold. The seller then tells me ... "You can have the queen". That was my opportunity! And now the Queen is in my possession. Yippiiiiiiiii. According to my information, it is the only DU lifesize queen in Europe. All other known Queens are in Japan and the USA. Unfortunately …. Is this Queen in a very bad general condition and not complete. So I miss the arms and 3 back spikes. However, the most important parts like head, body and legs are present. So here's the question for everyone: Can anyone help with arm procurement?rnrnThe whole project is very elaborate and costly ... but I must not forget ... I have here an object that is my personal holy grail and of which very few exist worldwide at all.rnI dedicate this project to my family and my father Jörg who succumbed to his long and severe cancer on the 20th of january 2018. Rest in peace and look down on me - love you so! Database/Figure Details: Thx Jacob, Kai (Driver), Ju (CoPilot) / Thx Bob Farmer, Florian Ortner, Tony Wei, Patrick Voss for help & talk around the clock / Thx to Pascal Hessel for Marketplaatz hint Smile / Thx Ed Edmunds, Janene Johnson, Marsha Taub-Edmunds from Distortions Unlimited - OfficialThanks Sarah & Silke that I was allowed to fulfill this dream - Love you <3rnR.I.P. Dad - LOVE YOU

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